Life is short; our problems are big and messy. We believe in committing our best efforts to strategic leverage points with laser focus to see real change happen.

Size doesn’t always matter, but grit and commitment do. We work with people and groups who want to change the world and are committed to pursuing their goals with determined, well-informed, and bold action. Over the years this has meant we have been privileged to work with a diversity of groups from:

  • Grassroots community organizations     
  • Small nonprofits 
  • Large nonprofit human service organizations / agencies 
  • Social entrepreneurs
  • Municipal, Provincial and Federal government
  • Small and Medium sized businesses (SMBs)

We do our work in whatever way fits best - solo, small groups, or large organizational structures. Over the years we have developed some deep areas of expertise in social impact and change efforts in these areas.

Our approach is unparalleled.



We work with NGO’s, government, and businesses to promote gender equity, invest in violence prevention initiatives, & engage men and boys to end violence against women.

We facilitate dialogue, conduct consultations, and custom design evidence-based strategies to increase engagement towards ending gender-based violence.

  • Issue strategy and framing,
  •  Strategies to engage men and boys to end violence against women.
  •  Organizational readiness for organizations working with men
  • Gender equity Assessments and Development Plans
  • Training for staff working with men (including Masculinities 101; History of Masculinity, & Supporting Healthy and Non-violent Masculinities)
  • Campaign design
  • Knowledge translation of theory and evidence based practices
  •  Coaching and training for gender equality in various settings




We have deep expertise in the emerging field of men’s issues. We work with men and boys, and the organizations that (should) serve them  to:

  • Conduct Organizational readiness assessments for organizations working with men and fathers.
  • Conduct father friendliness assessments for organizations geared towards supporting fathers.
  • Promote deeper and more connected father engagement + involvement and working through all that goes with being a present father.
  • Supporting men to transform their pain and shame and amplify their life.
  • Supporting the development of healthy masculinities.





Change won’t last if community is not apart of it.  Most problems are human problems and the most effective way to deal with them is to slow down and consider the inter-relatedness of the various stakeholders.  For lasting change, community involvement is key. Complex human problems don’t need complex solutions, but they do need to be led by those who are living with the issues identified.  Whether this is client directed, client centered or community led, we can help you bring the right strategy to life. 

We aim to engage community in doing this critical work and find solutions that can be championed and sustained by more than a standalone individual or organization.

We support your organization by:

  • Conducting community assessments
  • Determine what partners are needed to meet community goals and help you build those relationships in a beneficial and sustainable manner.
  • Facilitating stakeholder conversations, community dialogue and issue resolution
  • Supporting community building and collaborative governance initiatives
  • Learn how to manage the competing needs and agendas of stakeholders without compromising end goals.
  • Designing community and public awareness campaigns,
  • Supporting Asset/Resource Based Community Development Initiatives


We draw from deep and broad expertise working with vulnerable populations in urban settings. We have worked with rural and urban indigenous groups, refugees, immigrant populations, and diverse ethno-cultural backgrounds on issues related to mental health, poverty, domestic violence, disability, housing, homelessness, marital breakdown, children, and youth at risk. 

We have sourced funds, designed, scaled, led, and evaluated numerous programs in both stand-alone and collective impact settings. We help you learn from your experience and apply this in real and concrete ways to your future projects. 

We can support your initiative and organization with:

  • System mapping processes
  •  Developmental evaluation of programs and system elements
  •  Evaluation and research design
  • Collaborative program and system design and innovation processes.

We care as much about the success of your mission as you do. Our commitment is unwavering. We listen and respond. We commit and deliver. We innovate and apply. We will serve you with passion and insight, delivering exceptional service and outcomes that exceed expectations.