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Dr. Jeff St. JohN, PhD

Writer, Researcher, Consultant, Coach, Entrepreneur & Co-founder, U Group Consulting Inc. (UGCi)
I am a Canadian based writer, researcher, consultant, coach and entrepreneur. I work at the intersection of human potential, wisdom, and the science of change and evolution. My research and consulting focus is currently on issues related to men, masculinity, fathers, & engaging men and boys for gender equality. I am co-founder and principal consultant of U Group Consulting Inc., a social research and impact consultancy. Our team works with leading organizations to conduct research, design, execute, and evaluate innovative social change initiatives. As a writer and coach my job is to awaken relational resources and the capacity for dialogue and change in individuals, community groups and organizations.

For twenty-five years I have been on a mission to discover and understand human thriving. I have devoted myself to understanding what makes us overcome, evolve, and flourish.

I have devoted myself to the study of human and organizational systems, the art and science of personal and community transformation, to understanding the mythologies, worldviews and narratives that shape our lives, and to understanding how our closest relationships can destroy us or set us free. Along the way, I have picked up a few degrees to help make sure my thinking is in check.


Dr. Jeff St. John, PhD has spent twenty-five years working with men and adolescent boys in therapeutic, psycho-educational and adventure-based settings and has spent the last 8 years researching, writing and consulting with organizations to design meaningful initiatives on issues related to men, masculinity, fathers, & engaging men and boys towards gender equality, father involvement, more positive health outcomes, and ending violence against women. 

A recognized master strategist, and innovator, Jeff leverages over two decades of experience working with individuals, communities and organizations to connect with potential-in-wait, facilitating collaborative possibility generating conversations towards more creative and positive futures. Jeff has a unique blend of research-based, strategic, and proven executive insights he uses in partnership with individuals, teams and organizations to imagine and create the change they seek. Bringing strategic thinking and insights to spark innovation, increase impact and strengthen connections, he applies relational and researched-based practices to transform learning, and growth. 

Jeff has extensive experience working at all levels of community, and organizations seeking transformational social change. Leading multi-stakeholder initiatives, developing leadership and integral partnerships to engage community groups to address social issues. I support teams, organizations and community groups to navigate complex situations and inspire better thinking in reaching for collaborative and effective solutions. As a former C-level executive in a large human service nonprofit Jeff was named to the Top 40 Under 40 for innovative work in the community towards ending family homelessness. 

As a researcher Jeff has deep experience pursuing inquiry within a range of social and human experiences, often at the intersections of social policy and large systems. An associate of the Taos Institute, Jeff champions relational thinking and practices in his consulting, research and coaching work. From inquiry design to envisioning and scaling research teams to create knowledge, engage unlikely stakeholder groups and drive innovation, Jeff has contributed to small and larger scale initiatives in the areas of domestic violence, engaging men and boys, fathering and father involvement, poverty reduction, financial empowerment, social innovation and leadership. Most recently Jeff has found tremendous rewards exploring the possibilities of experimental qualitative methods as an autoethnographer. 

Jeff has taught as adjunct faculty and instructor at the University of Calgary, Mount Royal University and Rocky Mountain College and presented internationally on subjects ranging from clinical case management with homeless families, to systems leadership and organizational change. More recently Jeff has developed work on gender equality issues and engaging men and boys towards more positive health outcomes and ending violence against women. Jeff has had significant experience in curriculum development for both community and university course based learning Jeff has developed or been apart of building courses in conversational leadership, financial literacy with vulnerable individuals, child and youth care, and innovative programs aimed at supporting professionals in homelessness serving organizations.

Jeff highly values an inter-disciplinary approach and holds degrees in Sociology (BA), Theology (GradDipCS), Counselling Psychology (MA), and Social Sciences (PhD). He lives by the Bow River near the Canadian Rockies with his wife as they work to blend their family of five. His most interesting detours have included working as a coach, spiritual director, psychotherapist, adult learning facilitator, curriculum developer and college faculty, concert promoter, studio and performance musician and award winning nonprofit executive.


Our Partners 

We have a broad team of professionals that we collaborate with to provide integrated solutions to the individuals, communities and organizations we serve. Out team includes some amazing individuals and small businesses that stand out in their fields and who we bring to bear on the projects we partner with our clients on. Our team offers creative services, communications, marketing, digital strategy, policy and accreditation services, grant writing , and fundraising support.