U Group has a proven method that has helped leaders and teams change the world. Missions that effect change are often complex and come with daunting challenges.

U Group’s integrative approach combines research and evaluation with creativity and a strategic focus on transformative impact. We help you develop and evaluate strategies that advance your mission and strengthen your business. 

Our customized approach typically falls into one of these methods:


Thought Partnership, Strategic Conversations, Facilitation

We help groups and organizations make sense of sweeping community issues and how to hone in on what investments will have the greatest impact. 

We immerse ourselves to gather and compile information from a variety of sources, and work with your team to paint the vision, create the narrative and then move to strategy. We don’t just believe two heads are better than one, we live it. Cooperation leads to answers. By blending wisdom and expertise with a wide range of leadership strategies and your teams valuable input, we arrive at your best solution.

We push at the boundaries of your current thinking to help you see your work with fresh eyes, a broader view, and more clarity than ever before.

Your Mission Value: Get clear on where you are going and tap into the collective wisdom of your group and the community to, create actionable strategy. 


Evaluation, Research, Knowledge Translation, & Writing

We don’t arrive with a pre-determined plan in mind. We are grounded in theory, and inherently understand the methodologies and approaches that relate to your situation.

The UG team has a deep background in research and evaluation. Over 20 years we’ve been actively engaged in shaping change with social impact initiatives and as a result have developed and implemented evaluations for programs, systems and community initiatives.

The best solutions are found together. We embed ourselves with your team to decipher where you need to go and how best to get there. We also help you communicate your results with your stakeholders in a way that inspires action across your organization and into the community.  

Evaluation and research is not something done “to you”, it is created “with you”.

Your Mission Value: Cut through the noise, know what works, and get your message out in a way that inspires deeply rooted action.


Leadership Development, Coaching & Implementation Support for Change Initiatives

We coach leadership teams to unlock healthy team dynamics and provide tools to help your team work together better, communicate effectively and anticipate and manage issues seamlessly. Through coaching we create organizational alignment and systems that support your strategy and execution so you can reach your goals.

We help organizations understand existing and developing issues at play and bring blind spots to light. Armed with this knowledge, we can help you determine how best to structure your team, group or organization to maximize resources and achieve the best results.

The result is your team is able to have courageous conversations in order to access collective wisdom, anticipate problems and find solutions. It’s all about the end result, and not (so much) about the politics.

Your Mission Value: Amplify the very best you and your team have to offer, align your strategy, people and resources for maximum impact.